Sourdough Bread Lame - Lachila

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These lames are hand specific, please ensure to choose either Right Hand or Left Hand.  Elevate your sourdough baking experience with this handcrafted bread lame, meticulously designed and made in India from teakwood. This artisanal bread lame is more than just a tool; it's a testament to the artistry and tradition of sourdough baking.  This elongated bread lame is a dough scoring and slashing tool for bread bakers and helps make smooth cuts on the top of the loaf, while providing control and precision with your blade. This unique hand-crafted lame is designed and contoured to your thumb and index finger grip and includes extended support for the blade.

This lame is 100% chemical free and has been treated for a week in natural linseed oil over a 3-step process.  Each Lame is made and finished by hand, allowing each piece to be unique.  Dimensions may slightly vary as each product is uniquely hand-crafted.


  • 1 Lachila lame
  • 1 blade
  • 1 Micro-fiber cleaning cloth
  • Extra set of nut and bolt 

To Use: 
Unscrew your hardware at the front of the lame, and loosen the hardware at the back of the lame.  The back of the lame is where you'll find the star.   Place your blade inside, in the "out" position, on the center hole of the blade.  Tighten the hardware to secure the blade in place, on both the front and back hardware.  When you're done, unscrew your hardware and remove your blade.  Tighten your hardware. 
Please note:  Do not over tighten

 *Approximate Dimensions: Length - 85 mm  
 Chemical free and no artificial lacquer used. 

Blades are extremely dangerous and sharp.  Please handle with care and keep out of children's reach.