October 04, 2023

Soft Sourdough Dinner Buns - Recipe

Soft Sourdough Dinner Buns - Recipe

Indulge in the heavenly aroma and irresistible taste of freshly baked Soft Sourdough Buns with this easy-to-follow recipe.  To create these delightful dinner rolls, you'll need your trusty summit sourdough starter, some basic pantry ingredients, and a little bit of patience. The natural fermentation process of the sourdough starter adds depth and complexity to the flavor, while the carefully crafted dough results in a tender crumb that's perfect for holding all your favorite fillings.  Bake this sourdough recipe same day, or if a deeper flavor  is desired, place the dough into the fridge (for up to 24 hours) after the first proof has completed.

PREP:  10m
COOK:  20-25m 
NOTES:  This recipe makes 12 smaller sized dinner buns

TIP: Mix this recipe early in the morning so the bulk ferment happens all day long, bake by the 12th hour.  Shape half way through your bulk ferment so they can second proof, and be baked off and ready in time for dinner.  If a deeper flavor  is desired, place the dough into the fridge (for up to 24 hours) after the first proof has completed; before shaping.  Example timing for a same day bake would be to mix at 7am, proof until 1pm and then shape and proof some more until 5pm when they are baked off.


  • 75g milk
  • 85g water
  • 380g bread flour
  • 40g melted butter
  • 12g sugar
  • 110g active starter
  • 9g salt
  • 1 large egg, beaten
    TOPPING:  butter for brushing


      1. A sample timeline is available above in the tips.  In the bowl of a stand mixer place your water, milk and sourdough starter.  Carefully break up your starter into the mixture lightly with a fork.  
      2. Add your flour, butter, sugar, salt and egg. 
      3. Allow the stand mixer to mix the mixture on low speed for 6 to 8 minute's until the dough is soft and silky.  The dough should clean the sides of the bowl.   
      4. Cover your bowl with your favorite Summit Sourdough Reusable Bowl Cover and allow to bulk ferment for approximately 6 hours.
      5. Once your first bulk ferment is done, divide your dough into 12 equal pieces if you plan to bake the same day.  If you want to bake next day, place your dough into the fridge. 
      6. Use the same technique as you would to shape bagels.  Pull the edges of each dough ball portion into the middle of the ball, to create surface tension on the top. Keep pulling the edges to the center until you can't pull any longer.  Slowly drag your ball on the counter to help create surface tension.  Your ball will look tight and formed when done.  Repeat until all dough  portions are completed.  
      7. Using a casserole sized dish (around 9x13"), spray lightly with cooking spray and place your shaped buns in a 4 x 3 row pattern.  Cover your buns with your favorite Summit Sourdough Reusable Proofing Cover and allow to proof again (around 4 to 5 hours) until puffed.
      8. Preheat your oven to 425F
      9. Brush your buns with melted butter and allow to bake for 20- 30 minutes until desired color is presented.   
      10. After removing from the oven, brush one more time with melted butter, if you so desire.   Good luck waiting for these to cool. 
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      • Shyla on October 17, 2023

        This was the first recipe I tried when my starter was ready. I followed it to a “t”. The buns turned out INCREDIBLE. Thank you for sharing :)

      • Kayla on October 17, 2023

        Super delicious! And super easy to follow!

      • Sarah edwards on October 17, 2023

        Great recipe , will now be my go to !! Won’t disappoint!!!!

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