Bagel Orders

Bagel orders are currently closed.  Thank you!

REAL Sourdough, NOT Sourfaux. No Commercial Yeast.  Ever. 
Hand Rolled, Boiled and Baked Fresh to Order.

Bagels are made a few times per week.  We suggest placing your order a few days in advance to ensure availability.  Each order is a 24  hour process.   To ensure consistency and quality, once slots fill up for scheduled bake days, we cannot accept anymore orders for that day.

Our Bagels are made traditionally, with our 125 year old sourdough starter.  We never use commercial yeast.  Each batch of bagels is hand shaped and bulk fermented up to 15 hours to ensure a full flavour and an amazing oven spring.  Our bagels are best when enjoyed the same day.  Any bagels left over should be frozen in a zip-loc bag to preserve freshness, as we do not use preservatives.   

All bagels are made fresh to order. Bagel flavours are sold in multiples of 6. A dozen bagels can be broken into 2 flavours.  
Pick-up is locally in Sherwood Park.  To order, please Contact Us.

$24 / Dozen   or   $12/ Half Dozen