Maple Circular Dial Style Bread Lame

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Elevate your sourdough baking experience with our handcrafted bread lame, meticulously designed and made in Poland from maple wood. Our artisanal bread lame is more than just a tool; it's a testament to the artistry and tradition of sourdough baking.  This circular dial style bread lame is a dough scoring and slashing tool for bread bakers.  This lame helps make smooth cuts on the top of the loaf, while providing control and precision with your blade.  

Material - These bread lames are handmade of maple wood.  Each bread lame has a unique and beautiful wood texture.  Colors may vary slightly.

To use:  Unscrew your hardware and place your blade inside, in the "out" position.  Tighten the hardware to secure the blade in place.  When you're done, unscrew your hardware and move your blade to  the center position,  to tuck the blade inside.  Tighten your hardware.  Please note:  Do not over tighten

41 mm diameter x 8 mm thick 
1 Blade included.
HANDMADE IN POLAND by a home business.  Blades are extremely dangerous and sharp.  Please handle with care and keep out of children's reach.