Sourdough Starter Mixing Spatula

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Our Summit Sourdough Starter mixing spatula is the perfect tool to mix, scoop, scrape, and spread.  It's the perfect match for the 1L and 1.5L Weck Tulip jars, allowing you to mix your Summit Sourdough Starter without getting your knuckles dirty!  The spatula has a flat edge and rounded edge to allow you to get into those tight corners of jars or pans and is available in 5 colors that will  look great in your kitchen.

The silicone jar spatula is heat resistant up to 4000F and is perfectly safe to use with your favorite non-stick cookware and bakeware. The spatula features a 1-piece construction for easy cleanup and maximum hygiene. The silicone jar spatula is dishwasher safe on the top rack and measures approximately 11 inches / 28 cm long.